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Vanity Plates

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Hi all,

I am a wannabe, but I'm counting down the days and have all the dealers in my area searching for me. I've been thinking about vanity plates and have only come up with a few ideas. Yes, I searched the forum and saw Arsenic's topic. Just a bit too generalized for me.

I've got seven characters to deal with. Here's what I came up with so far:

FU OPEC (unlikely)

As you can tell, I'd like to keep the electrical theme going but my brain is going mushy. I also thought about the Illinois environmental plates which also come in vanity though there are only 6 characters on them.

Thanks in advance
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I like LIGHTNIN, if I could shave off one character. Theres also an LED license plate frame that scrolls up to 118 characters. If I could hack the display to have it push out my current mpg and lmpg...

I can hear the sizzle of synapses already...

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Illinois plates

How about:
MPG 70
I really wanted to apply for the LOCO 1, but my wife didn't believe that may people would realize it meant "low carbon monoxide".
Illinois allows spaces used also. The number has to follow.
I was just notified of my new plate: LONOX 1 (Illinois)

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SHH A HMR (needs a license surround for this one) DON'T TELL ANYBODY
0 GZGZLR (no gas guzler)

Alright so I want to be in their face about it.... :)

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I think FU OPEC would work in Texas because last year someone in a Hummer-sized truck tried to going 75 mph to keep me from entering the freeway with the licence plate MF4.
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