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Various noises

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I just bought a 2000 and I noticed a few noises, curious if they are normal.

The most prominent seems to be squeekieness in the suspsension, followed by a sort of hissing sound going up and down when the AC kicks in, and I also notice a sort of motor noise when I decelerate, maybe when the regen kicks in?

Any feedback appreciated, maybe I'm just paranoid?


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I have a 2000 and my AC makes that noise too.
I know it has a very slow leak my mechanic is trying to track down.
You may be loosing refrigerant pressure. Only time will tell.
My dash makes a noise over some bumps.
Using small tires with 40 or 50 psi doesn't help.

The Insight does not have much sound damping materials so alot more road noise and mechanical noises can be heard from the cabin compared to most modern cars that isolate the driving experience.

A new car that doesn't bother to hide any noises or feelings is the Lotus Elise.
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