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Vent time

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Has this happened to you ?

In my pursuit of better fuel economy I now drive in the slow lane and generally try to stay the hell out of the way of normal flowing traffic. I will pick up the pace if I am about to become a rolling road block, I'm bothered alot by those who share the road with us but care little for common manners behind the wheel. Tonight on my commute home on a four lane freeway some [moderator edit: person] gets on my bumper and I do mean on my bumber. There was no reason for the guy not to pass me, empty lanes everywhere. Then he nails the high beams and just leaves them on. This [edit: person] was inches off my butt not feet, he was so close the only place the high beams showed were through the bottom rear window. If it had only been the Volkwagen I'll looking to sell. I actually need some repair work to the back side of that car so letting him tap me won't be such a big deal. Probablely no insurance though. Then an idea hit me.......
I washed the rear window, well, it was a little dirty :lol:

Okay,okay. Rant off. AJ
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Ok furthering the rear window washer idea. I can't recall the last time I've used mine. Heck, I'm still on the factory fill of washer fluid at 21,000 miles. But... I think it could be easy enough to fabricate a small piece of sheet metal that would be held in by the rear hatch that would deflect the washer fluid up and back behind you instead of at the windshield. Use it for those times when you would like for people to get off your back. Then you could get creative with what you put in the resivor. I don't think trying to clear your window while driving is illegal.
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