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Vent time

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Has this happened to you ?

In my pursuit of better fuel economy I now drive in the slow lane and generally try to stay the hell out of the way of normal flowing traffic. I will pick up the pace if I am about to become a rolling road block, I'm bothered alot by those who share the road with us but care little for common manners behind the wheel. Tonight on my commute home on a four lane freeway some [moderator edit: person] gets on my bumper and I do mean on my bumber. There was no reason for the guy not to pass me, empty lanes everywhere. Then he nails the high beams and just leaves them on. This [edit: person] was inches off my butt not feet, he was so close the only place the high beams showed were through the bottom rear window. If it had only been the Volkwagen I'll looking to sell. I actually need some repair work to the back side of that car so letting him tap me won't be such a big deal. Probablely no insurance though. Then an idea hit me.......
I washed the rear window, well, it was a little dirty :lol:

Okay,okay. Rant off. AJ
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Haven't tried the rear sprayer at freeways speeds yet, does it tend to spray up more? A friend of mine use to have an SUV (Inherited from parents and he was in high school so any vehicle was a good one) that had the rear sprayer in the wiper itself and once in a while the little hose would come lose and he could spray wiper fluid a good 10+ feet when stopped. Of course he would try and spray me with it if I was behind him :?

I live on a somewhat rural hiway that is the alternate route for people who don't want to take the over crowded "freeway" (2 lanes each way) and they think that the 55MPH signs are a minimum speed. I was once honked at by a semi behind me when I was doing 55 (and not slowing down) up the only hill on the road. He did slow down when he saw the CHP on the other side of the hill though. There are also plenty of idiots who think nothing of passing on the double-yellow, I E-mailed the company of delivery truck did that a few weeks ago.

I honestly wish they had some automatic ticketing cameras on this road to try and get people to slow down a bit. Sure I like driving fast and all, but this road is full of driveways, farms, etc. and has several fatalities a year on it. 2 of which happened within 100 yards of my driveway only a few months after moving in (and no, I wasn't involved.) Speaking of which, there were some squealing tires just now, no BANG though.

As far as getting back at the stupid drivers, 911 or 1-800-TELL-CHP (in California) are good. I can think of some good devices to get back at them, but most of which would probably be illegal.

While typing this out I got to thinking, often times the sprayers are adjustable... Sure enough, you can adjust the angle of the sprayer on the back of the Insight :D Mine was pointed down to hitting above where the wiper even touches, using a little pin stuck into the nozzle I pointed it up, it was able to shoot out slightly higher than horizontal. Although I provide this information only for people who have a poorly adjusted nozzle :wink:
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