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Vent time

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Has this happened to you ?

In my pursuit of better fuel economy I now drive in the slow lane and generally try to stay the hell out of the way of normal flowing traffic. I will pick up the pace if I am about to become a rolling road block, I'm bothered alot by those who share the road with us but care little for common manners behind the wheel. Tonight on my commute home on a four lane freeway some [moderator edit: person] gets on my bumper and I do mean on my bumber. There was no reason for the guy not to pass me, empty lanes everywhere. Then he nails the high beams and just leaves them on. This [edit: person] was inches off my butt not feet, he was so close the only place the high beams showed were through the bottom rear window. If it had only been the Volkwagen I'll looking to sell. I actually need some repair work to the back side of that car so letting him tap me won't be such a big deal. Probablely no insurance though. Then an idea hit me.......
I washed the rear window, well, it was a little dirty :lol:

Okay,okay. Rant off. AJ
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At the risk of sounding like an old guy, it really does seem like "normal" drivers are getting worse every year. Besides the normality of people driving over 80mph, cell phones and the stupid agression of SUV drivers, it's getting really rare that you see anyone signal their intent to change lanes. Have they stopped teaching these things in driver's ed?

People have a basic lack of respect for physics. Yes, speed is safe. It's that sudden stop that gets you. If you tailgate and the guy in front of you slams on the brakes, you'll probably pass the beginning of his skid marks before you can apply your own brakes. So what makes you so special that you think you can stop in less distance than he did?

Two nights ago, while I was driving on a curvy road (a detour for a bridge under repair) at higher than the speed limit, I had a jerk pull up on my bumper, flash his high beams repeatedly and generally drive in an agressive, threatening manner. And this was in a car, not an SUV. :shock:

So, when I finally got to the intersection where I turned right and he went straight, I could hear him yelling really bad names at me and making sugguestions that I should copulate.

Sometimes testosterone is embarrassing, especially when combined with alcohol and gasoline. I wish the he and his car were left to cool off for about 30 days in a rehabilitation center. Feed him if he becomes polite.
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