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Bartizek said:
Hey, I am getting my first car in a few months, and i am really interested in the Insight. I have always been a fan of light cars that handle well and get good gas mileage, but I have been afraid of the hybrid Idea.

So my first question is, does it REALLY drive like a normal car? I know all the magazines and new articles say it does, but I would like a user to tell me from first hand experiance.

Second, I am a big kid, I'm 6'6 with an inseam of 34. How well am i going to fit in the insight? Inoticed it has 42.9 inches of legroom, which is 6 tenths better than my dad's car which i can drive comfortably but measurements arent always a good judge of things like that.

Third, It is VERY hard to find these things used! what is your advice on buying one? What common things should i check? How can i tell if it's been beaten on?

And finally, how many other younger kids (16,17,18) are there out there that drive insights?

Hi Bartizek,

Yes, the Insight drives like a normal car. Obiously the engine shuts off when you come to a stop, but other than that it behaves normally.

Regarding your size, I think you *might* fit in the Insight. I'm 6'3" with a 34" inseam, and I fit well. I have plenty of leg room, and plent of headroom. I would highly recommend that you sit in one before making a decision though.

To find one used I would recommend searching on a regular basis. You can also find new ones on there from time to time. That's how I found mine a few months ago.

Good luck.
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