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I am in Denver, and spending WAY too much time looking for a mechanically solid Insight with some battery warranty time left. If the car is low miles and in great shape, the battery warranty is not that important (part of the fun will be working on the car).

I can drive within ~800 miles of Denver to look at cars, or arrange longer trip for a great deal (original owner, low miles, warranty). I will be in Arizona on June 13th, and driving Denver to Toronto in mid/late August.

Price range $4000 (high risk but sound car) to $9000 (late model, warranty, low miles, excellent condition).

Well, I am probably expecting to get too much and not pay for it. Did I mention I got a master's degree in psychology, thesis was "Environmental Hypocrisy...or...Environmental Quota"? I will take advantage of this type of vehicle ;-)
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