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wanted: contact with Insight owner(s) that race autocross

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If anyone here races their Insight in autocross events or knows anyone that does, or can help me find 1 or 2 of these people please message me.
I have a few questions for people that race their Insights.

I've heard that there is someone on the US that won H-Class autox event in an Insight. And I've heard that there is someone competing in Ontario as well.

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2 weeks ago I bought my used 2000 Insight on a thursday and autocrossed it on the Saturday. I had a blast! Yes it understeers a lot specially because of the OEM tires but using various advanced driving techniques I managed to get it to oversteer a few times, very predictable and stable!
The shocks are stiff and the Insight has way less body roll in the turns then most other cars. The tires must be one of the least grippy tires on the planet considering they are designed for minimum rolling resistence.
People were lining up to get a ride in my car and everyone was impressed with the torque and how quite it was. As soon as I sell my old car i'm going to buy 195/55/R14 Toyo Proxies T1-S ultra high performance summer tires. I can't wait to smoke some cars that have double the power!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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