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Excellent post, very interesting!

xcel said:
climbed to a dangerously high 207 degrees
What makes you think this is dangerous? At what coolant temperature did the radiator fan come on?

Last spring, when I forgot to un-block my radiator in time, I had then fan come on in stop-and-go traffic on a warm day, and the gauge going up to 8 bars. But I didn't think it was dangerous. I simply assumed that was what the red zone (10+ bars) is for... Maybe I'm wrong? Even with the radiator 99% blocked, the fan was cycling on and off, indicating that it kept the temperature in check. But the gauge kept at 8 bars most of the trip.

The Insights coolant system is pressurized, so there is no reason why it would have to stay below the boiling point of water.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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