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Something to compare to: :idea:

I've been using a Ram Air intake that feeds nothing but cold air straight into my air box for the last two weeks. I have "felt" a power increase but due to my higher speed driving it only allowed me to increase me average trip speed and ability to climb a hill.

None the less today in North Ga it is around 30 degrees and on my 60 mile commute home I got 64mpg. No drafting. Front tires at 46psi, one rear at 48psi and the other at 40psi (plugged from a screw). Strip of duct tape on the lower air damn and radatior 50% blocked. Speeds on the trip home for the first 15 miles 30-55 mph in traffic out of atlanta stayed in 4th gear. 40 miles at 75-88mph and the last few miles at 72-74mph. Then a quick 2 miles to my house. 64mpg in 30degree weather driving Normal speeds using a cold ram air intake!

BTW I'm also using a K&N filter, redline watter wetter, muffler bypass MOD.

Someday I might slow down to Insight speeds and get better MPG.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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