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Warranty work out of warranty?

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My 2000 Insight has 30K miles on it, under the 36K warranty cut off but over the 3 year cut off by only 4 months (made in 12/00), so technically I'm out of warranty by 4 months.

I've called my local dealer and asked if the window run channels (both very slow to go up) can be repaired under warranty since it's so close, I'm under 36K miles, and it's a well documented problem with the 2000. The service manager said they'll need to look at the car and then ask Honda if it can be covered or what they'd be willing to do.

I'm also awaiting the parts for the headlight recall and will have them do everything at once if the parts ever come in.

What I'd like to know is does anyone have any advice or comments for getting this covered? I've also discovered the wet seat belt problem, but haven't mentioned that to them yet but I'm hoping they'll cover that too.

If they don't cover it I'll likely end up buying the extended warranty for the car for about $1100 for 10 years/100,000 miles since the cost of these repairs will likely be half of that anyway.

Any advice?
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I've also discovered the wet seat belt problem, but haven't mentioned that to them yet but I'm hoping they'll cover that too.
You would be better off taking care of this problem yourself. With my experience with this annoying problem it may be a hard sell to get them to fix it for you for free. You can use this discussion as a reference...

Run channel fix use Shin Etsu...

Personally I wouldn't buy the Honda Extended Warranty. Once you get the headlights, run chanel, and seatbelt problem fixed you probably won't ever use the warranty again. If you are willing to plunk down $1100 for the warranty figure out if it will be cheaper to fix those small problems yourself and save that money for a rainy day.
Wet seat belt problem probably won't be covered by the HondaCare, since HondaCare doesn't cover leaks and your problem is undoubtedly a leak. So bear that in mind when you consider buying HondaCare.

Is the factory warranty from date of manufacture or date of purchase?
I think your orginal warranty kicks in at the date placed in service NOT the date of manufactor.

My wet seat belt was fixed by the dealer under orginal warranty. All they did was use some type of caulk. Though I I park on a slope right side lower my drivers sides carpet gets wet.
If the windows are just rolling up slowly and the run channel isn't bunched up you can easily fix it for about $15. Just go to the dealership parts department and see if they carry Shin Etsu grease. A tube is insanely expensive but it works. Clean and apply some to the run channel and it will glide like new again.
Thanks for the great input everyone! I was actually really debating the extended warranty and the news from Honda on whether they'd cover or not was going to decide it for me. I think now though with the input I'll pass on the $1100 warranty.

I've already read the threads that you posted Sparky5501, thank you for them though. I actually bought some Shin Etsu a couple of weeks ago and did my weather seals as suggested.

One thing I'm going to need clarification on though is the run channel issue. How do I put the Shin Etsu on the run channel? Do I take the door panel off? None of the threads explain this and I'm not even sure what a run channel is.

Thanks again!
run channel


The run channel is the rubber piece the window "runs" up and down in. If the vertical part of the run channel on your car is bunched up near the top on the rear edge (as you stand outside the car and look at it with the door closed), then you'll need replacement run channels. You might need the regulator adjusted also.

If you do a search, you should find more posts on the run channel topic. I remember someone took the door apart, pulled the run channel back down (after it had bunched up) and put a screw or rivet through the bottom to keep it from bunching up again.

The run channel issue seems to be a fairly common problem with Honda/Acura cars.
I have had many cars over the years where the manufacture covered items outside of the warranty. They call that a courtesy coverage. If one dealership says no, go to another one and try.
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