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Last Friday on the M4 just East of Bristol I sat behind another Citrus Insight, that came off at the Bristol junction with me, carried on towards the city centre after I pulled off the M32. :D

Saturday I was sitting at the Hambrook lights in Bristol (in the wifes MPV) when another Citrus Insight goes over the lights ahead of me. 8)

Today, I was joining the M4 at the Chppenham junction, travelling westbound & I pulled in directly behind an Oxygen Blue one, he carried on towards Bristol, I came off at the Bath juntion. :shock:

I can't belive it, 3 sightings in 4 days, last time I saw another one on the road was at the UK owners day last year.

Where they anyone from here by any :?: chance???????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts