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Next weekend Electric Vehicle Association of DC (EVA DC) is hosting an Electrathon America race at National Harbor. If you aren't familiar with Electrathons, it's where high schools build an electric vehicle powered solely by 73 pounds or less of lead acid batteries. They're much bigger on the west coast.

Here's a link for more information on them:
GCC E/HEV Grand Prix
and one to the race itself:


The event promises to be quite slick. There's going to be a 16X20 screen for videos and a leaderboard. There's a DJ and announcer, electronic timing, and more.

I've been mentoring with one of the 10 high schools involved, and also organizing setting up the event. We're looking for both spectators and volunteers to work the race and set-up. If you know the difference between red, yellow, and black flags, you're perfect to come out and wave flags at tomorrow's aspiring engineers. If you don't we can find many more things for you to do.

If you just want to see eerily quiet electric cars zoom around a track for an afternoon, that will happen too.

The lot is visible as you get into National Harbor. It's the large pay lot located between Elevation burger and the water. Parking will be availabe in the parking garage by Elevation Burger.

If you want to volunteer to work the event, a free T-shirt is in it for you, and here is a sign-up link to register for a position. If you don't sign up, and just show up, we will still appreciate your help and won't hesitate to put you to work. It's just easier to organize people if we know what you want to do before you get there.

Hope to see you there.

It's worth mentioning that Pepco is a major sponsor. Thank you Pepco!

Have a good one,
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