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Water leak

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I just bought mine a few weeks ago. I went out of town and I returned to find water on the floor below the seats. It was more wet on the drivers side. Anyone else have this? Should I take it to the dealer?
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old97s said:
...Should I take it to the dealer?
Did you buy it from a Honda dealer??? If so, absolutely. That should not happen.

If it was another dealer (used?), I would make sure they know about it and that you expect them to pay for whatever it take a Honda dealer to fix. I probably would not trust another shop to mess with it.

I would suggest looking for the cause yourself, but since you just bought it, this should be fixed by the dealer at no cost to you.
Search this forum for "wet seatbelt" to find some suggestions for where the leak could be. Mine turned out to be a bad reseal of the plastic sheet inside the driver's side door.
I second Tim's suggestion, the plastic sheet.
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