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Water Leaking through the doors

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Has anyone had problems with water coming in through the doors when it rains? I bought an extended warranty and the dealer claims that it is not covered. They want 350.00 to replace the weather seals. This sounds high.
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There isn't much weather stripping there. Most Insight owners have mentioned getting water in their door panels and some gets kicked into the passenger compartment by the speaker. It's common for us who have replaced the speakers and had to cut out the plastic baffle behind them. The water drains from a small hole under the door, which is aluminum, so it won't rust. I think it might just be how the Insight's designed.
If the weather seals aren't holding up and it's just a slight leak you can try putting some silicon grease on the seals and see if that helps any.
You may want to pull the door panels and check the plastic seal. It's a simple plastic liner between the door and the door panel and it helps to keep water out. Many times due to heat and age the seal gives way. It's a simple no cost fix.
Weather strip along bottom of window

Mine leaked as well, until I added some 'packing' to the space between the lower window strip along the bottom of the glass on the outside. There is a gap there, between the seal that touches the glass (acts like a wiper when the window goes down and back up), and the part that lies along the edge of the door skin. It's kind of covered with a 'flap' of rubber attached to the 'wiper' part. Fill that gap with a length of black nylon rope of about 1/8 inch diameter or so (may take a bit of diameter experimenting to cope with your particular seal / window situation) and it will now seal the rubber strip against the glass again, as when the car was new. You can also tell a difference with the window glass wiping action improved. This will reduce the water flow into the door, but depending on the condition of the plastic sheet liner, it may still leak some.
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window seal

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue.

Usually in the mornings here there is dew/mist on my windows, and as about anyone else would do I'd roll the windows down and back up to 'squeegee' the moisture off so i can see my mirrors.

Well, the seals don't seem to touch the glass so the moisture still sits on it.

Okay, this seems pretty bad if it has enough gap to not even touch moisture on the glass... and if enough moisture/rain can just pour into that gap, then what does that mean for any gear inside the door?

Talked to a tech at the dealership and she said her honda does the same thing and it's no big deal...

I've never heard of ANY car that you couldn't just open and close the window to clear the glass.

What the heck? Seems like defective workmanship to me.
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For the door seal leaks, I have put 3m "dum dum" sealer behinf the seal on the top ans the left side. The sticky part of the seal was gone with time and water was going behind the door seal.

Thanks for the reply!

These seem to be fairly common defects and I imagine that many people are probably unaware of many of these issues.

Aside from my initial report and after reading the other seal issues I looked a little closer and can see where the rubber seals are coming away from the glass...

How can this be and how can honda just not deal with this?

by the way, it's a 2010 insight, just a couple months old...
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not the same

Well, lol...

I don't know if it's not the same 'better' or not the same 'worse' ...

It's still sad that those basic things seem to be failing already and it's up to customers to fix the defects...

I used to think that Honda products were quality, well beyond the standards of many companies, but... maybe that is changing... :(
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