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2000 manual. my wife and i commute approx 32 miles round trip 5 days a week. most of the TIME we are on city streets, however the MILEAGE on the freeway is greater. i weigh 215 and she weighs 140. plus lunches and a backpack with books.
the LMPG is about 54-55 with 65k. i bought it about 2 years ago with 45k and 52 lmpg.
we were getting tank averages of 64 mpg.
on weekends my wife would drive to school, and fill up at the costco that was very close. she would reset the trip. she'd often come back with 75 or so mpg.
this past winter, we were hard pressed to get 58 an a tank average.
the battery and modules have been replaced and i had the valves adjusted as part of the 65k service.

when spring came along, i noticed a slight increase. (winter fuel?)
my wife is on a trip for the past 2 weeks. i have been driving alone and i filled and reset the trip. for the first 2-3 days i was getting great mileage and at 100 miles i hit 70mpg. i was very happy.
now i am at about 250 and my mileage keeps going down no matter what i do. i am not changing routes, habits, speeds, etc. i am now at 66mpg and dropping , likely down to low 60's. (at the beginning of this scenario the battery was low. i managed to charge it up and get the 70. now it is about 50%)

what the heck? not to mention, the herky jerkies were not around during my good days and now it is.

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I've recently been getting poor mileage also under the same conditions(mid-fifties, in hilly, city traffic).

The only difference is that I've been having some "electrical issues"
(I'll post more on that later) that the dealer is clueless about.

I suggest:
1. checking the tire pressure (40-50 psi is best)
2. perhaps adding a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.
3. have the alignment checked for zero degress toe-in after pothole season even if the car tracks straight.
4. do a MCM master reset via the 12v. battery ground.

The herky jerkys would make me believe that your EGR valve needs cleaning or replacing.

The MCM and EGR issues have been addressed previously & a site search will fill in the details.
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