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What about the environmental impact of battery disposal?

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I found myself a bit uneasy when asked about the potential impacts on the environment of creating and disposing large batteries for hybrids. Does anyone have any thoughts about this topic? If hybrid sales exploded and we had millions of batteries to deal with, what would the impact be? Can they be recycled or are they not really a concern if contained in a suitable landfill? Does anyone know where Honda America stands on the issue? What has happened to the few batteries that have already died?

P.S. on a previous stream I asked about the environmental impacts of flying vs. driving to my x-mas destination. I ended up driving but got to thinking that my argument of sending a message to the airlines to cut back on scheduled flights really doesn't hold wait as the same could be said in a way about reducing demand for the roads. Lord knows road construction has major environmental impacts. So my conclusion was that the best option would have been to stay home (as someone else pointed out).
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Thanks for the info AZCivic. I figured they must be recyclable but wonder if they actually get recycled. I'll have to call my dealership and ask them what they would do with one and then I'll call Honda Amercia and ask what the official policy is.
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