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What color was the Insight made for?

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What color was the Insight made to be?

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Ok, I need some input on this. I was having a conversation over my Red Insight the other day while doing my 3 hour detailing and I was commented on that the car was made to be red. You know, certain cars are just supposed to be certain colors. Really in my opinion I think the car was made for citrus yellow paint, although I couldn't stand that color personally. I'm curious as to others opinions on this matter, whether they are partial to their own color vehicle or the otherwise.
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Red works well on the Insight. I have never liked red cars, but, in this case the red is pleasing and would have been my second color choice. I chose silver metallic without even seeing the actual car. For my eye, the Insight was made for silver. As my first choice was a manual transmission, I would have taken blue, red, or silver.

'03 silver MT no A/C #527
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I'd have to vote for the citrus yellow (although it looks green to me. heh).
The first Insight I saw was the citrus yellow, and it just looked... right.
I don't think I've ever seen a car that looked better with that weird colour.

Having said that, I am very fond of the metallic silver. Of the 2002 colours in Canada, that's my favourite.
Dunno... For some reason I just think the Insight looks REALLY good in white. Check out Honda Japan's site for pics and stuff.
Metallic space-alien green. Like this RX-7 (special limited edition Savanna) below:

Spectacular colour, most be seen in person. It almost glows.
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I agree The White with black trim It looks like a storm trooper helmet. Stormtroopers are cool
I gotta say, at first I was torn on this subject as to which would look the best on the Insight. My favorite color is blue however, I liked the Citrus Yellow, and Silver too. Personally I think the Citrus Yellow is the color the Insight is "meant to be" due to its "Green" quality. I chose to buy the silver because I think silver is such an elegant color on this car.
Braxus said:
Check out Honda Japan's site for pics and stuff.
That's, just in case anyone is having problems finding the right part of the site. It took me awhile... I should learn some basic Japanese! :)
Didn't have much choice

My dealer only had dark blue and silver. All the surrounding dealers only had silver. So I didn't have much choice. I personally liked Silver more than Dark Blue. My fiancee wanted the blue one though. If I were but rich, I'd get her the Blue one and I the silver one. We'd be the only 2 in Boca with Insights. This car is so rare here it's insane.

Personally I like the silver color a lot. Silver is a "futuristic" kind of color and this is a futuristic car so I think it's fitting.
Last year I was shopping for a silver 5-speed but no dealers (at least the ones near my home) in So Cal had one. There were plenty of silver CVTs and I didn't even see a blue. A dealer had a 5-speed in red and I took it! Now that I have it, I think it's a good color for the Insight. Today, I would have choosen a blue...I think they look good too! BTW, I don't think I've seen a blue Insight yet. I do think the car was made for citrus yellow since it's a "green" car. And yes...those white ones in Japan looks real nice! It would go great with my white CRX!
Silver may be "Invisible"

The only thing I would have changed in getting my 2000 5-speed Insight is getting red instead of silver. I have been hit from behind twice and color might be a factor.

I joke that my car is like James Bond's latest: it has gadgets (his is better), it's silver, and they seem "invisible".
I enjoying the silver. If it was red, I think more people would stare, but maybe Stainless Steel like the Delorian, would be nice. I enjoy the color for now, once the salt washes off!

Silver for sure. Looks great (my brother dubbed my car the "Spacepod" due to its shape and silver color), and its amazing how dirty it can get and it still shines. Up here in Maryland, we've had long snowy winter, meaning lots of salt and chemicals on the roads which gets all over everyone's cars, and even with all that crap on my car, it still looks good from more than a couple feet away. I can't wait to give it a good bath though, because it really gleams when its clean!
how much do you think it would cost to make my silver Insight white? :)

that looks really nice! might need some more black trim on the outside, but WOWEEE

i need some more pics of that!
A Color Change is a BIG Project

If you changed color, it would be difficult to paint everything to conceal the original color. Furthermore, some parts can't be baked at the temperatures used at the factory. A color change is not something to take lightly.
Repainting from the original color to another could be difficult, the Insight has some plastic panels (wheel spats, rear bumper). On these plastic parts, a complete repaint could be impossible or at least very difficult, since they're not painted at all, the color is bonded throughout the plastic itself. People who have Saturns would have more of an idea about repaints and how that affects the ability to repaint an entire car, since the body panels on Saturns are plastic.
Color change...

I agree that changing the color is a really bad idea. That said, to have it done well (as well as it can be done), it would cost about $4,000-$5,000. They would need to pull the windshield and and the rear quarter windows. It would not be worth it.
My vote is for clear.
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