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What customization options are out there for the Insight?

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I have a car bra but as far as turbo, fancy rims, high flow air filters, ground effects, you get the idea.

Does anyone have any fast and furious leads?

Thanks guys and gals!
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The only things I've seen that sound good are the hot air mod (details here somewhere), and one I found on the web about replacing mirrors with small CCD cameras.

Oh, and adding sound insulation.
"Why waste your money on those types of mods for this type of car?"

Perhaps because some of us enjoy driving that way?

Face it, Insight or no Insight, I'm always going to be going faster than most people most of the time. I'm just glad that I can get 68-73 MPG (winter & summer) while I'm doing it :)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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