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What customization options are out there for the Insight?

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I have a car bra but as far as turbo, fancy rims, high flow air filters, ground effects, you get the idea.

Does anyone have any fast and furious leads?

Thanks guys and gals!
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Had some trouble getting through with the link try
The shoebox sub and rosta cruise control are two other items of note. Currently we have a member trying to get 5 people together for a supercharger mod. Solar powered cabin ventilation has also been done. Some have gone with the lightweight Honda VX rims. Auto dimming mirrors with temperature and direction readout are also available. Chrome plated stubby antena and MP3 players are other mods. Replacement of the rear wiper with a plug is another. Sylvania blue halogens are another item. Leather seats and steering wheel has been done. Try Catskin. Sorry I don't have links to all this stuff and there is more, but it is all here on this site if you browse around. Have fun. :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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