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What customization options are out there for the Insight?

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I have a car bra but as far as turbo, fancy rims, high flow air filters, ground effects, you get the idea.

Does anyone have any fast and furious leads?

Thanks guys and gals!
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I was just looking at my Insight yesterday...came up on it from the front about 15 feet away and 1 foot lower...couldn't help but think "dang, that thing looks like it is setting up in the air like a 4x4."

I couldn't help but wonder what effect a front air dam would make. I know it would help the looks but would it help the aerodynamics as well? I know lot's of race cars run very low (scraping the ground) chin spoilers up front to force the air around the car. Probably couldn't do that on the street, but if you had a spoiler that came down 2-3 inches and could lower the car 1" or so??
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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