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Just got back from a test drive of a used 2005 Insight.

For Pic click here

Click here for more pictures

It was the first time I had seen an Insight in person. I thought it looked even better than the pictures. The salesman pointed out the custom work the owner had done (3M clear protective bra, custom wheels, window tinting), and then we went for a spin.

During the test drive, I found that the Consumer Reports review was accurate, to a point. The car rides low, you really feel the road, bumps are bumpy. But I didn't care. I prefer to feel the road as opposed to having a squishy ride, and that's always a trade-off.

The noise complaint I didn't really get. The salesman and I chatted easily. I never even thought about the noise.

I DID find the lack of rear visibility alarming at first. I'm used to turning my head and clearly seeing the road behind me. The back of an Insight seems to be more blind spot than not. But the side mirrors work, and I had no problem switching lanes several times on the freeway in relatively busy traffic.

By the time I finished the test drive, I knew I wanted to buy the car. None of its stated drawbacks are really drawbacks for me. (Can't take kids in it? Er, that's a feature, not a bug.) I like the way it looks and feels, and I'd want to drive it even if it weren't a hybrid.

So, here's the car:

2005 Honda Insight
1900 miles

The car was purchased at sticker in September 2005 (I inspected the sticker myself--it was in the glove box) for a little over US$22,000. Additional features, with salesman's estimate of cost:

3M clear protective bra $1000
custom wheels $500
window tint $200

The owner, apparently a wealthy and fickle man who buys lots of cars (including Ferraris), bought the Insight in September, then decided recently he didn't want it anymore. The same dealer that ordered it and sold it to him is now selling it on consignment for him.

It is now listed at $19,995.

I'm wondering what longtime Insight owners here think about the value of this car. Given the information you have, what do you think is a fair price for me to pay?

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Hi Brian,

Looks like the same one you asked about in a recent thread here: ... php?t=4191

Please review the rules in regard to pics. :)

Specifically #8. Also please review #6.

Since this is essentially a duplicate pic of the one(s) in your previous post on this topic I've removed the image from your post.

I don't have much to add to what was said in your previous thread except make them a reasonable offer. ;) Although the price you quote for the 3m nose mask is a bit high. Materials for mine cost $60.

HTH! :)

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Thanks, Resist. Obvious advice, no doubt, but I didn't actually know you could get Bluebook values on the web so easily.

IT--sorry. Noted. And no problem with me if you want to merge this thread with the other one. [/b]
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