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On the interstate in the truck and I can see this car coming up behind me from several miles back. Pitch dark, and he is on and off the brights as he tops hills and meets oncoming traffic. Damn brightest headlights I've ever seen.
Late model midrange crossover SUV , goes by so fast cant get anything.

\ /
( )

Ears go always to roof.
Lowers from glass to bumper.
Best I can do with keyboard.

Searched for internet images, still nothing.
Maybe you guys from big cites might know.

Might need to get me some of these:D

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Honda CRV - likely not ..Cadillac SUV? Volvo XC90?

At a first guess I'll consider it a Caddy SUV for attitude, ..what with the sense of entitlement and all, lolz ...but then the Volvo XC90 with additional red lights set lower down to the top of the bumper height could be the one.

fwiw:The bright lights can be annoying. Back decades ago in my trucking days, I noted one guy with another company had exceptionally bright driving lamps: he had actually fitted _Cessna landing lights_ to his semi's bumper. Lots of lux!
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