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The main reason something like this would appeal to me is so that it would be possible to kill "forced charging" and only recapture energy when I want to with regen, rather than leeching power from me when I'm cruising to make up for assisting to get up to speed. I'd probably discharge the pack not much, if at all, more than I do on the current drive, but by doing so strategically I bet I could get a several more MPGs from my Civic. This is especially true when going up the hill I live on. The car starts to force-charge just before I reach the top, whcih is unfortunate as I generally charge the battery to capacity on the way back down as it is. I suspect the reason why force-charge is done is so that full power will always be available in case of an emergency, but when I'm cresting a hill in a residential neighborhood, I know I won't need battery reserve so I can "floor it." It should be enough to just not use the pack any more until the trip back down. It's cases like this where an MIMA with a skilled driver will always outperform any pre-programmed algorithm.

For city driving, this would help as well, just to give me a bit of an extra boost for getting off the line from the battery without revving the engine as high. I could then have a more aggresive "regen" as I coast to a stop at the next light. I personally don't like to hold up traffic with long dragged out accelerations just to save fuel, unless the road is empty. (although there is merit to a lot of the hypermile tricks, if every single car on the road accelerated at a crawl and kept tons of space from each other, traffic flow would be much more congested than it already is)

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For those interested in the MIMA project or those still wondering what it is the threads have become too fragmented for the developer to maintain and he has requested that his other MIMA threads be locked.

Please understand that any further suggestions for design changes will not be honored since the process is too far along. However, since its *opertation* can be easily modded in software such limited opinions will be welcome.

A few of the old threads that will most likely answer all your questions are here:

Hybrid controls and the MIMA project ... php?t=2471

Mima Statue Update ... php?t=3176

MIMA L works in a CVT (automatic circuitry with foot pedal) ... php?t=3233
(Moderators note: the newest version of MIMA is CVT compatible)

MIMA Display and Joystick Housings ... php?t=3353

The developers site is here:

Its a complex topic and modification. And one that should be carefully reviewed if your deciding on purchase. The purchase thread is here: ... 9&start=15

The subject is still open for discussion at the developers selected for consolidation thread here: ... php?t=3357

Locking other threads. Future MIMA threads will be locked and follow-up's directed to the thread above.

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