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What's the whirling sound?

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I've noticed that whenever I turn the car on (starting the engine or just turning the key to "On"), I hear a short whirling sound coming from inside the dashboard. I'd pass it off as part of the climate control system or the tape deck, but I've got both systems off most of the time and I don't listen to cassettes. What else could it be?
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Are you sure it's coming from the dash and not the rear electronics, there are fans back there to cool them.
I hear that too...

You will hear the same sound when you turn the temp. knob over 10 degrees in one turn when the AC is on. It is like an electronic adjustment sound...sometimes it happens when the Climate Control is off too. I hear the damn thing all the time. Try turning the temp knob with the AC on and let me know if it is the same sound.
Not the fuel pump?
Put your hand over the dash vent before you turn on the key. Surprise....It's the fan than runs all the time no matter what position the AC or climate control is in. If you notice, the "fan" indicator always shows one mark (4 is max). By turniing the temperature control knob max. right (90) or min (60) you can change the sound.
You can turn it off by pushing "off". I crank open one of the windows a little though, :wink: as our Insights are rather well sealed.
Actually, my climate control system is always off. The only time I ever turn it on is when I have someone else in the car with me that is demanding A/C. But when I'm by myself, the system is completely off. Thus, it doesn't matter what setting the temperature dial is set to. It's a possibility it could be a fan turning that activates even when I have everything off... but I really don't think it sounds like a fan. It's too loud and it's only for a second or two when the car first turns on. It actually sounds like something is being mechanically adjusted inside the dash somewhere. Like I said in the first post, the closest thing I can relate it to is the sound a cassette would make inside the tape deck. Still, I'm going to try turning the temp dial to different settings to see if that does anything.
Yup, probably the airflow deflector servo motor. :)
I am positive it is the same sound I hear

As I said, it has something to do with the temp setting. Why it makes that wound when it is off...I dont know, but it bugs the s*** out of me. Let me know if you hear it when you adjust the temp.
Like b1shmu63 and others noted, it is the motor that controls the flap position to deliver different mixes of heated or unheated air. The motor will still respond when the climate control system is completely off, if you turn the temp dial.
Like Tim said, it's a servo motor that will move based on the inside temperature and the temp knob even when the system is "off." The only time I've found this annoying is when the inside temp reaches the set point, mine seems to adjust in short bursts continually, as if the hysteresis was not large enough.
Came across this thread while searching for strange noise, and sounds like (pun intended), I am hearing the same thing as Rusttree had initially inquired about. However, I don't hear it all the time, everytime, nor on a regular basis. I am not hearing the climate control servo motor adjusting, as I would describe the servo motor sound as very simular to the sound my digital camera makes when turned on as the lens barrel is extending out from the body or when it is auto focusing. You can hear the climate control sound very well when in auto stop at a long light, with radio off.

I had heard the noise in question a couple of times after purchasing the Insight, and thought perhaps it was a self leveling gadget (rule this one out), since it was eminating from under the hood (sounded like). I noticed it several times while installing MIMA, as I had all doors, rear hatch, and hood opened; and I definently believe it to be coming from under the hood. I have also ruled out the fuel pump.

Now, I'm on a mission :evil:

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Moving my discussion of this to:

Thread titled the Insight Groan.

Seems to be more activity there and is probably the same sound.

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