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What's up with the Insight Yahoo! groups?

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Are they still active? Are the moderators alive? I joined honda-insight early last week, but I am still a pending-member. Early this week I joined honda-hybrid, yet I am still pending.

Perhaps they are doing some kind of bizarre bacground check, or maybe they won't let me on because of my RX-7s. ;)
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I've heard several people say that about the honda insight group. The honda hybrid group is alive and well. I think the moderator may be on vacation right now, but he'll be back. It is a good group, but these forums are so much easier to search and they are certainly more user-friendly.
If you check honda-hybrid, people are talking about honda-insight and how the moderator is gone (and nobody took over), so it's dead. honda-hybrid is still active.

I used to participate in both but am glad to see this forum. Yahoo! was just too sneaky with it's cookies, privacy policy, etc. for me.
Thanks Tim! Yes, the honda-insight group has problems; I know of at least 3 people who joined well over 1 year ago and are still "pending." Active discussions can be found at Yahoo honda-hybrid and, of course, here.
OK. It looks like I will simply have to wait longer.

I like mailing lists because I can download my mail, then read it offline on my palmtop. Great for when I'm on-site and waiting for something to install, or when I'm on the road waiting for dinner, etc.
It should also be pointed out that honda-insight was abandoned in a wholesale move over to the moderated honda-hybrid anyway, so even if honda-insight was still admitting new members it has had very low participation for some time now.
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