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Where are the INSIGHTS?

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Come on people, if you are a "devoted" Insighter, PLEASE at least post in your PROFILE where you live. I think it would make it a lot easier for trying to assist in "problem solving" and maybe sending out invitations for a gathering or rally. Checking the data base is probably not the best information as a lot of the original members are probably gone........Just my opinion.
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I agree with Willie and Delta Flyer. However, having checked the top 50 posters to this site, expecting to see plenty of gaps, there are currently only three posters that do not give their home town or state. - One of which has not posted in a while and is sorely missed.

I am still suspicious of new posters with few details who only have a problem and not a very well explained one at that. Pictures would be good.

PS I notice that Rick is now up to 500 posts! :shock:
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