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Where are the INSIGHTS?

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Come on people, if you are a "devoted" Insighter, PLEASE at least post in your PROFILE where you live. I think it would make it a lot easier for trying to assist in "problem solving" and maybe sending out invitations for a gathering or rally. Checking the data base is probably not the best information as a lot of the original members are probably gone........Just my opinion.
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Philosophy and the 'net...

My philosophy is that, on the 'net, you have zero anonymity or privacy, anyway. Just the false sense of anonymity, and a partial anonymity that being several of quadrillions of packets can bring as you surf.

But if someone wants your info, they can get it. Me, I like to generally post pseudonymously, but make it easy for someone to find out who I am and where I live. And I try to live my life in a way that I don't piss people off who would use that information in a bad way.

That's the risk of life, though. There are nutters everywhere, and if I spend my life cowering in fear that they'll find out some personal information and abuse it, that's not a life I'd like to live.

Now if only one or two of these jobs I've interviewed for come through with offers, I can finally feel confident buying that Insight that's been sitting on the dealer lot for three months...

Matthew P. Barnson
Future Insight Owner, Tooele Utah USA
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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