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There's a lot to learn about any new car and especially so with an Insight. An hour or so with the owner's manual will probably answer several questions that you haven't even thought of asking yet. :)

The spare is in the hatch area under the fabric liner which is Velcroed around the edges (and can be torn if not carefully removed). :!: If your hatch floor also has a carpet mat that's what has been "hiding" the obvious "trunk" lid and space.

Remove the trunk liner for access to the spare.
Which also probably needs air (60psi)
so plan to fill it up while your there.

(Sorry for the poor Insight "poetry" it just came out that way, then I couldn't resist the added line breaks for the proper visual accent. <g>)

With the spare visible there is a small area to the right that is used for the Japan GPS (?) option. There have been power amp and subwoffer's installed in that area too.

A factory remote CD changer is available but installs such that the disc magazine is accessible from the top, left rear corner of the hatchback area. AFAIK the Insight is not pre-wired. The wire comes with the the CD changer itself. Given all the other required installation steps its relatively simple to run this wire.

HTH! :)
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