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Honda Insight ZE2 2009

My front right tire keeps vibrating. already switched tires and rims and still vibrating.

So i thought to switch the front suspension( Left to right)
And see if it goes to the other side.

Now in the manual it says that i need to replace:
Demper Pinch Bolt, Adjusting Bolt and Self locking Nut.

Can i use any self locking nut or do i need a special one?
Where do i buy these things in Europe?
I cant find it online.

Is it normal that when i jack up my car and let it in drive and give a little gas the tires wobble in and out, but when i check for play there's nothing.

Also at around 20-40 Km\h the car kinda gives one shock forward and then its normal again. its like its hitting the clutch hard or something like that.

Other question:
Would it be possible to make a Honda Insight ZE2 AWD?
Planning to do a engine swap (S2000 Engine) and theirs room but the battery is a little bit of a problem.

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before replacing that stuff make sure its whats causing the problem

put the front end up on jacks and let the tires hang freely and move, shake and manhandle every bit of the car in the affected area with ur hand ... if everything passes muster it could be a bent rim or wheel out of balance

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Have it aligned. Tell the alignment guy what the problem is and he'll find it.

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