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Where to order my new Insight? Small or Large?

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I am getting ready to order my new insight 2/IMAS. I live in Tampa, FL area and I am wondering if Larger dealerships have preference over the ones in smaller towns or if it makes any difference. I just don't want to order early and still be at the "bottom" of the list. I'm hoping to go order today.

Thanks for your input.
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Insightful Trekker said:
The 06 model Civic is _rumored_ to have a next generation engine available that even without the hybrid system will approach 60 MPG.
Sorry, but nothing but a wishful thinking.

Old Civic HFs & VXs got around ~40 mpg. How can a brand new civic which weighs good 500-700lbs more than the aforementioned old school Civics get 60 mpg w/o IMAS? Gasoline engines aren't that efficient (unless the car ways 500lbs).
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