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Where your Insight were born - Takanezawa plant

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One reason I pick Insight is that it came from the special plant in Japan.

I think many of you like the fact Insight is made in Japan because of expectation of high quality. Maybe some of you may not know that Insight is born in the Honda's very best manfacturing plant, which specialied the advanced small production models.

The Honda's most advanced manufacturing plant was Takanezawa plant where they used to make NSX, Insight and S2000. Takanezawa plant was opened May in 1990, exclusively to make NSX. Honda's the best engineers and the highest skilled workers were (in fact those workers were gathered from all over the Honda locations in Japan)there exclusively to make NSX at first. Remember that Insight aluminum body structure is update version of technology from NSX.

If you own the ealry years Insights, the following link (TakanezawaPlant Memory of the Closing 03.Apr.2004) shows some pictures of Takanezawa plant where your Insights were born.
(sorry, description in Japanese)
At the closing ceremony, Honda invited 100 NSX, S2k, or Insight owners (200 people in total out of 1000 owers who applied) there and they got see the actual assembly process.

Now Hybrid system is build and final assembly of hybrid cars are made at Suzuka plant in Japan.

Honda's very best engineers are still there at Takanezawa location to make experimental cars now. Takanezawa plant is well known among Honda sport oriented fans. I guess they are in work of the next generation NSX, which I wish to be hybrid (even though I never be able to own). Maybe Insight II, Fit Hybrid, S1000, CRX, or compact hybrid sport are thier projucts too. Who knows.

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