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Congradulations on your good driving techniques. The best hyper milers use the least assist.

You could not put Toyota Synergy drive into an Insight without adding a lot of weight, and you would probably need to make it wider as well.

The IMA system helps the Insight get better mileage on the highway by allowing the use of a smaller engine. It helps mileage in the city by recyling braking energy that would otherwise be lost. It allows total engine shutdown while the car is stopped. It eliminates energy loss from counter rotating shafts by actively damping vibration. It eliminates energy loss at all speeds from the Alternator belt by eliminating the alternator.

If any car manufacturer can accomplish this without hybridization, great! Show me and prove it.

Incidentally, distributing some of the weight to the back as in hybrids contributes to better handling. :D
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