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Why Can't I???

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Chalk this question up to being stubbornly curious :roll:

O.K., I know what the manual says about the removing the skirts before sending the Insight through the automated car wash, but my question is why? I know, I may cause damage, but how?

It seems to me, the brushes that clean the wheels would just pass over the skirts....What am I missing???

I know most of you will suggest hand washing instead, but for reasons I'd rather not get into :roll:, I'd like to send the car through the car wash with minimal effort...O.K. if you must know, I'm a lazy a$$... :oops:

Thanks for the info!
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Rick said:
***Warning*** Don't get me started on car washes.

That said, consider wheels are probably one of the dirtier surfaces that is often cleaned on a vehicle. Suppose there is a wheel brush that cleans the brake dust off of the rear wheels of all the vehicles before you. Now say you run your Insight through the same wash and don't remove the skirts, and assuming the brush doesn't rip the skirt off or anything it's going to grind all that brake dust from the previous vehicle in to your paint, in I'm guessing a circular pattern putting thousands of tiny scratches in that area.

Of course any dirt on anything that touches your car, from say the vehicles that went before you went though, is going to scratch your paint anyways. :wink:
Yeah Rick but it's starting to get a little cold to keep up with your Insight Exterior Maintenance plan (said with really big :D ).

Perhaps a good alternative would be to take the Insight to a wash bay, where you park, feed a machine quarters and wash it with the pressure washer? The one by my place doesn't allow hand drying in the bay, though.

Patrick said:
Next time, I'll ask that they use a funnel. :roll:
Weird. When I did my own oil changes in high school, of course I used a funnel. Noone had to even make the suggestion. Big slippery plastic bottle + small hole on shiny metal = funnel. With someone else's car, I'd think it would be common sense, particularly with the fabric-based lining under the hood.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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