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Why Can't I???

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Chalk this question up to being stubbornly curious :roll:

O.K., I know what the manual says about the removing the skirts before sending the Insight through the automated car wash, but my question is why? I know, I may cause damage, but how?

It seems to me, the brushes that clean the wheels would just pass over the skirts....What am I missing???

I know most of you will suggest hand washing instead, but for reasons I'd rather not get into :roll:, I'd like to send the car through the car wash with minimal effort...O.K. if you must know, I'm a lazy a$$... :oops:

Thanks for the info!
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Well, I took the car to the same local car wash/oil change place that I take my other cars...Here's some observations:

1. The car went through the car wash fine. I no longer have any concerns sending it through. The car looks the way my other cars do, but....

2. I had them also change the oil in my Insight (They do the oil changes in my other vehicles as well.) They carried my oil filter, and they supplied a new crush washer...They were also aware of the the "delicate" oil pan, BUT, they didn't have the correct weight oil, so I supplied them with the oil (with a small discount for bringing my own oil). They also weren't used to "pouring" oil out of a container and spilled it all over :evil: ...It wasn't till I got back home and noticed some "smoking." It has been cleaned up. Next time, I'll ask that they use a funnel. :roll:

Well, there you have experience with a car wash/oil change....FWIW :| [/list]
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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