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Why is insurance so high?

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I am working on purchasing a 2000 Insight. I just got a quote from Geico at over $800 per year to add the vehicle to my insurance, which is about $200 more than I expected. For my state, this is high - and I am one of those folks who usually gets good rates. Does everyone else pay a higher premium for an Insight than for most other cars?

Jennifer Eubank
Hot Springs, AR
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Our insurance was definitely higher than what you would expect for the "run of the mill" compact car. The main impact on insurance is most likely the higher repair costs associated with the limited production #'s of the Insight, plus the aluminum body / frame components that are considered somewhat "exotic" by many body shops.

Double check to make sure you are getting all your discounts...good driver, multiple vehicle, long time client, etc. Depending on the use of the car, you may see if they have a break if you plan to use it under a certain mileage a year, or as a "pleasure use only" vehicle. If you are not relying on the car as an "only vehicle" for transportation you may also consider dropping back to liability-only insurance. This covers other drivers you may hit, but will leave you with your own repair costs if the damage is your own fault.

Lastly, don't hesitate to shop around. I have routinely compared rates between my insurance (Nationwide) and others (including Geico), so far Nationwide has always been less expensive, at least for my situation.

Good Luck

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I did not find that I had to pay significantly more for my Insight's car insurance than my previous vehicles (Toyota Corolla and Nissan Stanza) of similar size (i.e. small cars, not trucks).

Which part of your insurance is the expensive part? I agree to some extent w/ Corey872, but that should only cover damage to your car, under collision and/or comprehensive. Your liability and uninsured motorist coverages should not be higher for driving an Insight.
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