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Willie’s Modified OBD Tool Mount

First, let’s thank Willie for another original idea, he’s good at those things. I liked what I’d seen in his car last spring, after seeing it again I had to have it. I think I’ve improved it, but just a little. Driving with your OBD in your lap or else where, your always in momentary expectation of looking up at something like a bridge abutment, uh, not good. So, here goes…Pictures will tell all…Jack
1 piece of 2” exhaust pipe, about 2” long
1 piece of 2 1/2” exhaust pipe, about 3” long
1 piece of aluminum square stock 1” X 1/8”, 21” long, Ace Hardware
6 or so 1/8” steel pop rivets
1 El Cheapo pop rivet tool
4 large coffee or peanut can, plastic covers
1 small tube Crazy glue
1 small tube Silicone adhesive, fast cure
1 small package Velcro strips
1 can of black spray paint
First, I cut and shaped the 2” pipe lengthwise to fit tight into the passenger side cup holder. Second, Cut and shaped the 2 ½” pipe so I could slip the OBD tool in it. Yeah, like a holder. Third, Bent the aluminum stock so it comes up and away from the inside of the cup holder, follows the dash up and to the right, has a flat spot to pop rivet the OBD holder to and continues to dash with a flat spot to Velcro it to dash. Forth, Pop rivet the stock to the 2” pipe so the stock comes straight up. Pop rivet the stock to the 2 ½” pipe so you can see OBD good. Fifth, I put Velcro on the left side of OBD holder and where stock rests on dash. Makes for a good solid hold. We’re done.
For Insight OEM ash tray that fits in cup holder. You can cut the back out of the ash tray so it fits around the aluminum stock in cup holder. Ha! You didn’t loose the holder. Use it for change or such if you don’t smoke.
For OBD sun cover used the can tops and cut the top and side cover pieces. Used the crazy glue to tack them together and then the silicone adhesive to permanently attach them. Then Velcro’d the cover to the OBD.
For an OBD tool I chose the Auto X-Ray E-Z 4000. Simple and easy to use, 8 lines of display and with this kit you only buy what you need. You can also get free updates for it online thru your PC: ... n.asp?9199
Pics for Willie’s Modified OBD mount are here:

Looks really cool and you can still see road with your peripheral vision, Jack
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