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So drivers side window motor finally took a crap. When i bought car used window rocked in the window track abd gave issues going up and down. Figured goof of non mechanics working on it before me did something wrong and id adress it when it failed.
Ipen up door panel and find missing bolts, loose bolts, failed motor, lots of lithium grease caked everywhere.

So i remove glass, remove regulator and clean tracks with atf and paper towel.

Install used regulator and motor, install window in track and make sure it is sitting flat and in track pushed to the rear. Tighten up bolts for glass to window regulator. Go to move up and down and nose of glass still dips down, rear top edge comes out of track and glass binds on its way up. Boggs the motor sown just as it did before and then it straightens out and goes all the way up.

I tried adjusting the window tracks like i have done on a civic before but no adjustment for them on insight.

So... does this mean this used regulator even with good motor has an issue where it rides along track. Does something keep it from being able to rock in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion when looking at the door from say drivers seat.

Any advise is appreciated. I have another known good used one coming but dont want to keep installing used ones if there is an issue aside from a bad motor.
Maybe something stupid im missing. Any help is appreciated
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