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My 12V battery is not good enough.

I had problems starting at -27 C. Turning the key to the start position gave a relay buzzing noise for a second and then the 12V starter engages for a slow turning start.

At my 3 rd start like this, I had a check engine light. It was for 3 P-codes of the IMA system. Because of the low voltage when the starter was turning, the IMA went weird
The 4th time I had to boost my car. Even thought the engine was hot (at 6 bars), the starter would not start

I went to CanadianTire because my battery had a 24 month replacement free warranty (60 months total warranty). My battery is 18 months old.

They refused to replace it because the test machine showed it was good. The guy saied it was just too cold
Addition: I replied that there where about 60 cars outside, all customers that their batteries did not think it was to cold for them to start their engines.

I went to Walmart and bought a new battery.

When I installed my new battery, my father called. His car did not start. Guess what, his battery is like mine a Motomaster and it was also from 2003 and 18 months old. They did not want to replace his either and I had to replace it with one from Walmart.

Do not buy a car battery at Canadian Tire. The battery does not last 2 year and even if the warranty is for 5 years (with 2 year replacement free) they do not honnor the warranty.

Buy any other brand.
In the old days, AC-Delco lasted 5 to 7 years, I do not know how they are now. Walmart sells "Energizer", I hope they are good.

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hi Yves, sorry to hear about your troubles with Motormaster. We get a lot of problems with them at the shop. Nice promo, bla bla bla bla... but when you bring it in its sorry not my problem. I seen you web site, great work keep it up Tony.

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I have had NOTHING but trouble with Canadian Tire batteries. I went though hell with my RX-7, having three of their batteries fail in 1.5 years. Left me stranded everywhere. I finally received a full refund for the purchase of the original battery, but only after I informed them that I was a stockholder...Since I installed the Optima, zero issues.

At the moment, I'm recommend Deka batteries. The quality of Optima lately has been very poor, since they are now building batteries for sale in the discount stores. Deka seems to make quality stuff, and many of the EV racers are switching to the either the Exide or Deka batteries.
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