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Wireless locking keychain

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Hey everyone... does anyone know if Honda offers an aftermarket keyless remote entry device that is smaller than the one you already get with the Insight? I was pondering this earlier, and wondered why the damn thing is so big! With today's technology, there should be a version about as big as a quarter (slightly smaller battery)... anyone know of anything?
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"...why the damn thing is so big!"

So you don't lose it?

Never have figured out what people see in those things...
ucffool - With my Japanese Insight I received two remotes which are all black, single button, slim and about one and a half inches long by one inch wide. I believe that your USA remotes are larger, grey with red buttons from the photos I have seen (?). My sister-in-laws Honda Accord remote is similar to yours and I agree it is chunky.

There is no part number on the outside of my remotes so I opened one up and found "09Y9D1" on the inside cover and "G8D-451H-A" on the circuit board. Hopefully one of those will be a part number which you could order. If you really are interested, I could take a photo of a remote so that you know what it looks like.
I suppose the question is whats the FCC ID on this remote? The US Insight's at least have a fcc id of E4EG8DJ. I bought a CRV remote off eBay, which has the same fcc id, which works on my insight after programming it. The only difference is it has a rear hatch button which serves no purpose.

The remotes I have are black with a large oval grey lock button on top, a smaller round unlock button under neath that and a long red panis button at the bottom. It uses a C2025 size battery.

I'd be interested to see what this remote looks like.
Just for you fellow Insighters, please see link below to a photo of my Keyfob. :D
I draw the line at taking pictures of the green lights in my footwells :wink: ... pg&.src=ph
Hmm, interesting. The head of the key is smaller as well. The metal teeth look the same. What does just the one button do anyways?
Rick - Having looked at the picture of a key & key fob on the homepage of the InsightCentral website, I also agree that the head of my key appears to be smaller. Not surprisingly, the button unlocks and locks my Insight. Do you prefer the design?
Not that there is anything wrong with the key and remote I have, but this is a small intriguing detail. I never thought to myself "this key and remote are too big," but now that I see that I almost want one. Is there a sticker with any information on it? If so whats it say?
i find that the key is a little big, i used to carry and extra key to my old car in my wallet just in case i would lock myself out of my car, but i spose thats pretty hard to do with the insight since you have to hold the car door handle to maually lock it. ah well, i guess thats just me being paranoid...
Rick - Sorry no sticker, just the two code numbers I gave in my earlier post. I suspect the longer number is the Part Number. Good luck if you try and get one.
Amplified mouse, why is it you have to hold your door handle to manually lock it? I've never had to do this. My temporary solution to having only one key before I realized I could have a real transponder key made for not a whole lot was to have a blank copy made by a local lock smith. There was no transponder chip, but it would open the doors, and even start the car if you held the black part of the real key by it while starting. For about two bucks you would probably have better luck fiting that in yor walet without the fat plastic transponder head on the key.
punched those two #'s provided into in hopes that something comes up... alas, no luck.

I'll bring a print though of the pic, and this discussion to the dealer in about a month when I'll have to get my next oil change. I'll let everyone know the status after that... Yours is indeed smaller.
Just to clarify, that's my remote key fob that's smaller!!! :wink:

Hope you can get it, it is a sleeker design.
I suspect that the smaller key grip and the smaller remote both correspond to different technology in the car. My thinking:

My 1992 Civic key looks just like my Insight key, except that the Insight key grip is about twice as thick. That's because of the security device in the grip of the Insight key that won't allow a mechanical copy of the key start the car.

As for the remote control key fob, note that one button that locks or unlocks the car means one frequency or code pattern to trigger the toggling locks. The American Insight has two button (two frequencies or code patterns) -- one to lock the car and the other to unlock it. It also has a third frequency or code pattern to set off the "panic button" flashing lights and horn.

You might like the smaller key fob, but likely it would either lock OR unlock your car, but not both, and you'd lose the panic button option. I think the key matches the car. I doubt you could just replace the key without doing an electronic modification to the car's security system.
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