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Wiring Diagram

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Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a wiring diagram.
Is there anything on line?
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Are you looking for any specific wiring diagram?
I was never able to find a wiring diagram online. I went ahead and bought the service manual. I'd offer to e-mail specific pages, but the UK version likely has too many differences to be useful.

Honda sells paperback service manuals in North America through Helm at; not sure about the UK. One is called Electrical Troubleshooting. There is also a bootlegged CD-ROM service manual often being sold on eBay.
It's the engine management and IMA diagrams we need.
We are developing an Insight for Special Stage Rallying and are looking at ways to extract more performance.
A possible route to go down here is to buy the MIMA circuit board to get full assist on demand...I remember someone saying they can get the tyres to chirp in second gear!
I bought a 2000 service manual that won on ebay, the guy that sold it to me offered a complete electrical diagram for an extra 30 bucks but I declined.

Here's the email address of the seller [email protected]
i Have a 02 Insight, Everything worked ,Tranny went out, Had a Shop Install a Tranny, Mta Light on, Nothing on the Hybird side works, Shop said not there Fault, Any Tricks to fix it,?
IMA or CEL codes on dash showing?
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