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Would you buy this 2000??

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Hi all --

I'm looking at a 2000 Insight with 24K miles on it -- the dealer wants $8000 for it -- though I will hopefully get them to $7300 -- :)

Now here's the clincher --- they told me it was a Honda repurchase vehicle -- that Honda re-purchased this Insight from its original owner because they couldn't remedy the "check engine" light always coming on --

-- when they remedied this problem (I hope), Honda then sold this Insight at auction, and now it's at a stealer -- :twisted:

-- with all your knowledge on 2000s and this problem, would you touch this vehicle??



BTW, it has air
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Its a good price

But, i'd get it checked out by a good mechanic, fyi battery warrenty whould still apply most likely,

get a carfax report
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