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Wrapped my Insight

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It took a month of Sundays, but I finally finished my project to wrap my Insight.
It was a hell of a lot more work than I anticipated, and I got terrible results, but I'm really happy with the color.



If you're thinking about doing it, I'd recommend getting a friend to help you and watching as many videos as you can on the process BEFORE you start.
I'm not sure, but I think a gas grill to heat up the bumper vinyl more evenly so you can stretch it out might be a good idea.

The insight needs 35' of 5' wrap

For my next project, I'm painting that green fender on the truck in the background.
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The breakdown is my own work. First I measured things with a yardstick, then I wrote everything down and worked out how to place it on the vinyl, then I ordered/cut the vinyl, then I figured out I was 6 inches short in a handful of places and had to adjust the diagram so people in the future don't have to have the same seams I do.

Something I forgot to mention: This is the perfect time for an antenna delete, seeing as you need to pull the antenna to wrap the roof, and you cover the hole with vinyl anyway.
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I imagine it's terrible now, but I have a stereo with USB because the head unit was missing when I bought the car.
On that note, anyone want to send me stereo brackets? Right now my $20 walmart stereo is just floppin' in the breeze.
Each square represents 6 inches, yeah, so a 2*2 square would be a square foot.

Anyway, have some pictures in the sun.

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