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Well last Saturday I wrecked my Insight .. :(

I hit a curb going about 5 miles an hour while leaving my apartment complex. Your initial reaction is probably the same as mine was. Oh well that's no biggie. Well I must have hit it just right (or just wrong) because I've NEVER seen a curb do that much damage. :shock: I hit it right on an drainage area which didn't help. It dropped down about 4 more inches then the normal curb. :(

It almost tore my tire completely off. It was pointing 90 degrees in the wrong direction. I don't know if it snapped the front tire rod or what. I guess when it broke the tire it first broke it in and it broke the windshield washer fluid tank by the engine. It also tore about half the front bumper off (which I expected) and the bumper scratch part of the front quarter panel. All the damage was on the passenger side.

Do you guys have any advice on towing? Is there anything I should watch otu for. I'll have to reread the manual. I remember there is a towing hook I have to screw into place.

Also do the front brakes do any regenerating or is that only in the back?

I'm going to have her towed in today to get an estimate.

Man I'm an idiot!! :(
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