i'm looking for a used but working(grindy shifts are still ok) 5 speed trans for 1st gen insight, while pulling the transmission the starter motor wire seized and so the starter brush holder shattered too so looking for a working used starter motor as well. preferably in florida or perhaps georgia or southeastern state.

picked up a used 00 insight for my partner, however the transmission has a bad growl and as well the typical grinds in 2nd and 3rd so i need to take the trans out and see if its even repairable, but would like to have a spare transmission to rebuild as a backup anyways.

my last 2 1st gens were totalled by unfortunate events, i'm hoping my partner has less bad luck with them than i had. with gas prices how they are its hard not to want to get this thing back to road worthy again, but it seems i should have grabbed parts from my other cars instead of giving them to scrappers for free(i couldn't look at them anymore without bad memories).