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2001 MT Honda Insight, Red 100k miles & 2001 MT Honda Insight, 1/2 Citron, 1/2 Silver 351k miles
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I'm looking for a engine oil dipstick for my 2000 Insight. The plastic part is cracked and getting loose, I rather it not drop the dipstick down the engine, lol.
Sigma projects, Ive found the plastic handle from a honda civic can be adapted with some heavy modification.
Buy a stock honda civic dipstick on amazon, honda part number 15650-P2F-A00, remove the rollpin hidden under one of the orings and pull out the metal section of the dipstick. You may require a vice to hold onto the metal tang as you pull. Heat may be required.

Next you will need to measure and record the length of your stock insight dipstick:
  1. The length from the hilt on the plastic where the dipstick seats at the block to the closest level hole
  2. The length from the upper level hole to the lower level hole
  3. The length from the hilt to the very end of the dipstick.
From there, take the rollpin out of the insight dipstick same as the civic, and remove the metal section from it.
The rollpin hole is in a different spot compared to the civic dipstick, this is why we took the measurements, as when we seat the insight metal tang to the civic handle, the dipstick is the incorrect length.

The width of the original insight dipstick is wider than the civic dipstick. To seat it, the end of the insight dipstick will need to be heated just shy of cherry with a torch. While still hot, press the insight dipstick into the slot in the civic plastic handle for the dipstick tang. This process may need to be repeated multiple times to align the rollpin hole on the tang to the handle. Be sure to take care guiding it straight so the fitment isnt too loose, and the plastic doesnt burn/metal dipstick warps.

Once the rollpin hole aligns, install the rollpin. Use epoxy in the slot if you wish, I found the fitment was quite snug and it was not required.
Once this is completed use your original measurements to trim the dipstick to the proper length. If memory serves it was only an inch or two too long, and the original upper sight hole became the new lower sight hole for the modified dipstick. Use a small drillbit to drill the new upper sight hole per the recorded measurements. I would recommend rounding the end of the dipstick and filing off any burrs to aid in the sheathing/unsheathing of the dipstick.

I hope this helps someone.
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