Hey guys and gals, I am looking to get a manual Gen 1 Insight in decent condition. I am located on the west coast and would fly/drive out to you if the car/price is right. I have been shopping around for a month now since I bought an M3 that gets 16mpg and spend around $50 a day on gas going to and from work.

Criteria for me is: Manual, decent condition (paint peeling and mediocre interior is ok), problems are ok (needs brakes, tires, fluids etc), needs to pass smog, ~$5k or less (preferably $3-4k), and no rust. Please don't hesitate to email me or text me as I would love to get in one ASAP. Have thought about these for a few years but never needed one until now :)

Thanks, Daniel.
[email protected] / 925-771-4460