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WTB/WTS forum?

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Admins et al:

I know that posting items for sale is against the forum rules at present. What about creating a section devoted to Want To Buy / Want To Sell requests? It could be a good dumping ground for sale requests mistakenly tossed into the General section, and also might end up being a decent low-traffic area where people selling their Insights or accessories can meet up with those looking for one.

I wouldn't think it would be an eBay by any means, but a sticky post on the top of the index of the forum would probably be enough of a legal disclaimer. And I know that using phpBB, you can create new forums very, very easily :)

I was enjoying the for sale thread here in General recently, even though I knew it was probably going to be toasted. When I'm looking for something new, it would be nice to have a forum where I can advertise the accessory or car I'm looking for, and a registered user could provide a link or even the merchandise him/herself.

What think you?

Matthew P. Barnson
Proud new owner of a 2001 CVT Insight
54.1 LMPG (not mine yet though... mine's much lower)
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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthew. We considered this very seriously when we launched the Forum but decided against the idea for various reasons and with feedback from the original core members of this forum. One of the most significant reasons for our decision was the possible liability issues involved. We also feel that there are enough other options available online.

As a reminder to everyone, advertising of any kind, including the sale of Insights, is strictly disallowed on this forum for the time being. We suggest sellers try Yahoo! Groups, eBay, or some of the other services that are widely available online specifically for this purpose.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding,
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