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Admins et al:

I know that posting items for sale is against the forum rules at present. What about creating a section devoted to Want To Buy / Want To Sell requests? It could be a good dumping ground for sale requests mistakenly tossed into the General section, and also might end up being a decent low-traffic area where people selling their Insights or accessories can meet up with those looking for one.

I wouldn't think it would be an eBay by any means, but a sticky post on the top of the index of the forum would probably be enough of a legal disclaimer. And I know that using phpBB, you can create new forums very, very easily :)

I was enjoying the for sale thread here in General recently, even though I knew it was probably going to be toasted. When I'm looking for something new, it would be nice to have a forum where I can advertise the accessory or car I'm looking for, and a registered user could provide a link or even the merchandise him/herself.

What think you?

Matthew P. Barnson
Proud new owner of a 2001 CVT Insight
54.1 LMPG (not mine yet though... mine's much lower)
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