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As noted in previous posts, my wife and I are looking for a nice used Insight in the Los Angeles area. The ones that seem to be most attractive, budgetwise are the 2000-2002 model years. Are there any model years to avoid? A break-point model year when new, valuable features were added, or troublesome components upgraded/changed?

TIA for any pointers.

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If you read all the replies and links to your last post then you know of the IMA warranty extension that applies in your state.

That's the "wild card", the remaining service life of the IMA batteries. There are also updated IMA controllers that apply through the 04 ( :?: ) model year. Previously it fell somewhere within the 02 model year. And now also covered under the IMA warranty extension. :)

Since your have the newer extended warranty available in this regard its now a minimal factor, but not zero depending on the mileage on your used purchase.

Other that that its color and transmission choices.
(5spd or CVT)

Also see:

What to look for when buying used? ... php?t=3814

and check out all the sub links too :!: :)
(that'll keep you "busy" for a couple of hours ;) )

HTH ! :)

p.s. And please limit opening a new topic particularly when its related to one you recently opened. Simply "refresh" the existing one. Else it can be considered multi posting. A thankless never ending moderator housekeeping chore. And its addressed in the rules:
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